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Rock -2- Lock

Welcome to the 'Rock 2 Lock' time trial. A monthly time trial on the the first Saturday of every month.

What is the distance? Very slightly over 5k (5.2k).

What time does it start? We meet at 8am for an 8.15am start.

How is it timed? It's a self timed time trial.

How do I log my time? You only need to log you personal best time via the form below.

What is the route? Start at the Rock Fish sign on the Quay, following the path to the Double Locks, where you will turn around at their sign at the end of the pub garden, and return back to the start.

Do I have to be a Greenbow member to run? No, of course not.  We are happy to welcome all runners to the time trial.

What if I can't make it on the first Saturday of every month? The first Saturday of the month is the official meet up, but you can log a time any time you complete the route.

What dates will the time trial take place? February 5th, March 5th, April 9th, May 7th, June 4th, July 2nd, August 6th, September 3rd, October 1st, November 5th, December 3rd.



Turning point

Time Submission

Thanks for submitting!

Course PB times


🤴🏻 Sam Husband; Greenbow RC; 19:41, Jan 2022

Jack Caulfield, Greenbow RC; 20:28, Jul 2022

Paul Sprake; Greenbow RC; 20:36, Jan 2022

Mat Costin, Greenbow RC; 21.17, Mar 2023

Arthur Bruce, Greenbow RC, 21.48, Mar 2023

Matt Olczak, Greenbow RC, 21:52, Jan 2022

Geoff Nicholls, Greenbow RC; 21:53, Nov 2021

👸🏻 Erin Templeman, Greenbow RC, 21:57, Mar 2023

Greg Mimms, Greenbow RC; 21:59, Jun 2022

Peter Nolan, Greenbow RC; 21;59, Nov 2021

Tom Coats, Greenbow RC, 22:14, Dec 2021

Martin Shelton, Greenbow RC, 23:20, Dec 2021

Emma Gilbert, Unattached, 23:30, April 2022

Kelly Lawson, Greenbow RC; 24:39, Mar 2022

Kirsty Bickell, Greenbow RC; 25:19, Dec 2021

Liv Nicholls, Greenbow RC; 25:49, Nov 2021

Henry Muirhead-Smith, Greenbow RC; 25:56, Feb 2022

Rich Hill, Greenbow RC, 26:42, Jan 2022

Wenna Hicks, Greenbow RC; 31:49, Feb 2022

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