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🏆 Greenbow Championships 2024 🏆

Welcome to the Greenbow Club Championships 2024.

Runners will be split in to pace and gender related leagues, with a choice of 18 events to choose from, with their top 8 age graded scores (plus bonus points) counting towards the final score.

The Events;

Exmouth Parkrun - 3rd February ✅

Granite Way 10 or 20 miler - 10th March✅

Fast Friday 10k - 29th March✅

Power Runs Powderham - 6th April✅

RunExe 5k - 16th April✅

Exeter City Community Trust 5 Miler and Marathon - 12th May✅

Run Exe Relays Exeter - 24th May ✅

Great West Run - 26th May (discount code available) ✅

Rock to Lock Time Trial, 15th June (meet by Rock Fish 8.50am for a 9am start, followed by coffe on the Piazza).

Exeter 10k River Run - 28th June

City Runs Exeter 10k - 17th July

City Runs Haldon Relays - 26th July

Exmouth Parkrun - 10th August

Haldon Parkrun - 7th September

Cranbrook Parkrun - 12th October

ECCT Halloween 5 or 10 miler - 27th October

Event to be decided - 2nd November

Rock 2 Lock time trial - Any date (run as many times as you want, with your top 2 scores counting)

Competition Rules;

1. Please select which league best suits your pace. 

2. You can upload your age graded percentage at any time using the form below. Please use the link to work out your age grade percentage. 

3. Your age grade percentage will count as you points for that event eg; 57.2% = 57.2 points.

4. Only your top 8 results will count towards your final score, but you will receive an additional 10 points per event you complete after the 8 scoring events.

5. The event distances will be as stated and not what your watch will read (no 4.86km etc). All events will be classed as road.

Granite Way = 10 miles or 20 miles

Parkruns = Calculated by Parkrun (**new Parkrun rules in place regarding scoring)

RunExe 5km = 5km

ECCT 5/10 Miler = 5 miles

Power Runs Powderham = 5 miles or 10 miles

Great West Run = 13.1 miles

Fast Friday/10k River Run/City Runs Exeter 10k = 10km

RunExe Relays = 4km

Haldon Relays = 3km

Rock 2 Lock Time Trial = 3.2 miles

6. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies will be awarded for each league.

7. The Greenbow team have the right to disqualify you if we feel you may be not honest with your results. 

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Time/Score Submission Form

Thanks for submitting! Your score will be updated to the results.

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